ProMaster Camper Van Conversion Step-By-Step Overview

I thought it would be helpful if I provided a general overview of the conversion process that I undertook when designing and building our first ProMaster Camper Van prototype vehicle.

It’s easy to spend an endless amount of time pre-planning your build, what items and conveniences you deem are necessary for your own personal needs.

ProMaster Cargo Van Rear Storage Area filled with 2x4s

ProMaster Cargo Van Rear Storage Area filled with 2x4s – A new project ready to get started.

For me, the reason I started this project was to achieve a higher degree of freedom. Although there are plenty of trade-offs, the ability to park your house every night allows you to have a more variability in your life. Want to go to Arizona for the week? Florida? Minnesota? You’ve got a place to stay.

That’s all to say that this was a ticking time bomb: A van in the driveway with no real plan on how the build was going to go. Dive into the problem. Sitting inside an empty van is a great place to get inspired.

Step By Step Overview

  1. Sound Deadening, Insulation, Subfloor & Underlayment
  2. Bed Platform & Inset Bed Walls
  3. Ceiling Fan / Window Installation
  4. Furring Strips for Ceiling & Walls
  5. Power & Electrical Systems
  6. Kitchen Systems
  7. Storage & Cabinetry
  8. Paneling Installation
  9. Laminate Flooring Installation
  10. Moulding, Upholstery & Cabinet Doors

I’ll fill these posts in with links as they become available.

Thanks for reading!

PBJ’s in the van: Very convenient!

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  • Howdy!

    I’m interested in converting a commercial van into a living space like you have. After reading your second post I was so sad there wasn’t a third. More please! 🙂


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